OneNote alternative for mac

If you are a student who recently switched to mac from pc, you have probably been looking for a good cheap note taking software comparable to Microsoft’s onenote.

The obvious choices are

word for mac
notational velocity
Circus Ponies Notebook
Omni Outliner
Text Wrangler

The ones I use the most are MacJournal for class notes & blog posts, Devon Think for Projects & research, Text Wrangler for coding and notational velocity for personal memos.

I just stumbled upon a new app that appears to be the closest to onenote in features and interface, it is called Growly Notes. Best part is that it is donation ware, you only pay if you are feeling generous.

While it doesn’t appear to have time stamped voice recordings, everything else appears to be top notch. Even if you don’t need note taking software, I still recommend you stop by the site and download a copy of solitaire or freecell for mac.



About spuder
spuder is a "super computer" support engineer by day, and tinkerer / hobbyist by night.

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