Macbook Pro can’t boot ubuntu disk

If you are having a hard time getting ubuntu to boot on your macbook pro relax! Its not just you. Many users have similar issues regardless whether you use 32 bit 64 bit, LTS releases, live cd or installer.

Even getting drastic and using rEfit as their boot loader does nothing to rectify the issue.

It has something to do with EFI support in the last several versions of ubuntu.

Read about others experiences here: ubuntu forms

The creators of the ubuntu project have made a special version for Mac users with the issue by striping out the incompatible efi.

As a solution use the ‘alternate-amd64+mac’ image



Update: There is a second limitation to Ubuntu on mac hardware

Installation will fail if you have replaced your internal cd rom drive with a second hard drive as I did. You must reconnect a cdrom drive to the internal sata bus for the installation to proceed in addition to using the custom install disk.


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spuder is a "super computer" support engineer by day, and tinkerer / hobbyist by night.

2 Responses to Macbook Pro can’t boot ubuntu disk

  1. lumannnn says:

    Hey, I’m trying to boot Ubuntu 12.10 64bit and it does not work for me. Then I came across this article. What’s really bothering me: the “Update” section. Is it still the case, that you cannot boot properly when having a second HDD installed? I do have installed a SSD as my main drive and a HDD drive replaces my former DVD drive.

    • spuder says:

      I also have 2 hard drives in my 2010 Macbook Pro. Unfortunately, I no longer am dual booting and haven’t tried 12.10.

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