Missing these required gems: RedCloth

Missing these required gems:

so you’ve done everything you can to get ruby going, but you constantly get Missing gems while trying to run a rake command like this

rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production

The culprit is the way RedCloth is named in some of the libraries.


change directories to


in there edit your environment.rb file

search for

        config.gem ‘RedCloth’

append to the end of the line, so it looks like this

        config.gem ‘RedCloth’, :lib => ‘redcloth’

save and exit

migrate back to the someRubyProgram folder and try running your rake command again.

Worked for me, let me know if it works for you.

About spuder
spuder is a "super computer" support engineer by day, and tinkerer / hobbyist by night.

4 Responses to Missing these required gems: RedCloth

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