Reset Cisco 1200 AP

1. Assign computer static ip in same subnet as 10.0.0.x with /8 subnet mask (


2. Connect Crossover Cable to Ethernet Port on AP


3. Connect Power to AP – Allow 30 seconds to boot up You will have either 1 or 3 green lights


4 You are now going to continuously hold the ‘Mode’ button down for 30 seconds while performing these other tasks:

        - 10 seconds with power

        - 10 seconds without power

        - 10 seconds with power

        - As you connect and disconnect the power with one hand, Make sure to always keep the ‘Mode’ button pressed down with your other hand

5. Wait until the lights change or about 10 to 15 seconds, then let go of ‘Mod

6. Navigate to


Username = Cisco

Password = Cisco


If these steps didn’t work

  1. Power cycle the device, then give it up to 1 minute to start up and try webpage again
  2. Verify you are using a cross-over cable and that the cable is good
  3. Make sure all other network interfaces are turned off on your laptop / desktop, especially wireless. Ensure your computer is not connected to the internet.
  4. Restart your browser if you have changed the state of any network interface cards on your computer. Some browsers tie all traffic to active interface on startup.
  5. Perform reset sequence again waiting 20 seconds between each step.

About spuder
spuder is a "super computer" support engineer by day, and tinkerer / hobbyist by night.

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